Hopi Indian Jewelry Symbols

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The Hopi Indians inhabit their ancestral lands in North Central Arizona. The Hopi people have always excelled as artists and craftsmen known for intricate Hopi Indian jewelry symbols. This article will illustrate meanings of some of their respected Hopi Indian Jewelry symbols. About Hopi Indian Jewelry Symbols Hopi spirituality is shown in Hopi Indian jewelry…


Hopi Jewelry Hallmarks

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The Native American culture is known for its artistic and beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Many Native American artists, including Hopi silversmiths, use a stamped or carved signature picture or symbol known as a hallmark. Hopi jewelry hallmarks show which artist made that particular piece of jewelry. Hopi jewelry hallmarks are usually found on the beautiful silver…


Hopi Indian Jewelry

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Traditions in Silver: Hopi Indian Jewelry Hopi Indian jewelry makes a stylish accent to any outfit, casual or formal. From simple to intricate, the designs on overlay pieces of Hopi Indian jewelry are sure to get noticed. And while Hopi Indian jewelry is well known by modern collectors of American Southwest items and is certainly…